How to Use this Tool

BDGen creates a matrix of specified size, fill, and target nestedness. The generator follows the conventions of nestedness temperature for a set of areal units (sites) and species found in those sites. Therefore, the number of rows of the matrix is determined by the number of Sites (Parameter 1), and the number of columns is determined by the number of Species (Parameter 2). The number of 1s in the matrix is determined by the seed Fill* (Parameter 3), which is a fraction between 0 and 1. The Target Temperature** (Parameter 4) determines the degree of nestedness of the output matrix. Finally, the results take some time to generate, so they will be emailed to the entered Email Address*** (Parameter 5) when they are ready.

*** Your email address is only used to send the output file. It will not be kept or used for any other purposes.
  ** The temperature of the output matrix will be within 1 degree of the Target Temperature, but it will not likely match exactly.
    * The seed Fill will not match the fill of the output matrix. This is due to constraints imposed by the definition of nestedness used.

Input Parameter Value(s)

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When you click "submit", your matrix will be generated and sent to the e-mail address you entered. We do not save any addresses entered on this site.
Please do not hit submit twice.